No Son Of Mine

“A song about a boy who lives in a house and he just can’t stand it…he’s terrified every night because there’s some kind of physical abuse. You’re not quite sure in the song if he’s being abused or if it’s his mother who’s being abused.”

Phil Collins (154)

I Can’t Dance

“Each verse is a mickey-take on blue jeans adverts and the male models (who look so unlike us).”

Phil Collins (154)
“This began as a guitar riff of Mike’s. We’d all taken our Fine Young Cannibals pills, imitating the way that Roland Gift sings, and joking about jeans commercials. It’s not about being unable to dance. It’s about guys that look good but can’t string a sentence together. Each verse is a piss-take at the scenario of a jeans commercial. It was good fun, but the audience thought, “What does he mean that he can’t dance?” They didn’t see the humor, and it killed the fun.”Phil Collins (1169)

Since I Lost You

“This song is probably one of the heaviest I’ve ever written. We were doing the album “We Can’t Dance,” and, one night after rehearsal I went home and a friend rang and said, “Have you heard about Eric?” So I said, “What do you mean,” and he said, “his son’s dead.” I couldn’t believe it because I knew Eric very well and I knew Connor very well. The next day we went to rehearsal. We had a song with no lyric and no direction at all. The lyrics of the chorus came straight away.”

Phil Collins (154)

Willow Farm

“One of the great troubles with the mind is that it’s always lost between two extremes. That’s partly what ‘Willow Farm’ is all about – cement between two bricks, and wherever you are and whatever you do there’s always a left and right, an up and down, a good and bad and if everyone’s good there must automatically be some bad.”Peter Gabriel (685)

Supper’s Ready

“There are three story lines running all the way through it. It goes from a sitting room to a touch of Zen, into the future where there is an Anti-Christ. He is in fact a pop star and manages to con everybody into following him. He casts the whole world off into oblivion and then you have the Apocalypse. it’s very complex.”Steve Hackett (686)

Eleventh Earl Of Mar

“It’s about a failed Scottish revolution that happened around 1715. He’s a real character and the story just appealed to me.”Mike Rutherford (687)

All In A Mouse’s Night

“It’s a very simple story about a mouse and a cat.”Mike Rutherford (687)

Blood On The Rooftops

“It’s about the juxtaposition of various television images.”Mike Rutherford (687)