Pulling Teeth

“We were down in Irvine and Mike was having a pillow fight outside with his girlfriend. He was running away from her, and at the top of this stride he turned ground – vhoom…Out cold. So that suggested the concept of…misery.”Billie Joe Armstrong (1009)


“In a way, that song was cheap self-therapy for watching too much TV. It was another case of writing about whatever mood I’m in.”Billie Joe Armstrong (1009)

Basket Case

“‘Basket Case’ was about a friend who’s pretty loopy, but a bit about myself as well – like seeing your own traits in other people where it’s been taken to a total extreme. There are a lot more songs on this record that are about other people’s experiences, even though I might still be singing in the first person.”Billie Joe Armstrong (1009)
“It’s an anthem for weirdos. It’s about losing your mind. Most people have had that experience.”Billie Joe Armstrong (1041)


“There’s a song like ‘Brat’, which is about waiting for your parents to die so you can get your inheritance. That’s where everyone starts saying, ‘Oh, you’re rich kids’. But that song’s not about me, it’s about f***ing college kids. I mean, I don’t know if you’re a college kid…”Billie Joe Armstrong (1010)

Westbound Sign

“‘Westbound Sign’ is about the time Billie’s wife moved out.”Mike Dirnt (1010)

Tight Wad Hill

“‘Tight Wad Hill’ is about where we come from.”Mike Dirnt (1010)

No Pride

“‘No Pride’ is like the anti-anthem, it’s an anti-nationalism kind of thing.”Mike Dirnt (1010)