“Well ‘Barracuda’ was just a moment, a flash of anger, of realization of what we had gotten ourselves into. It happened one night after a show. Some really sleazy guy came up to me and implied to me that he was really turned on by the fact that me and Nance were lesbian, incestuous lovers, and that just really got him going. That made me so mad because I love my sister. It made me really angry, especially because they had attacked her honor – both our honors – so I went and wrote the words to ‘Barracuda’.”Nancy Wilson (642)

Little Queen

“It was about a young girl whose fertile mind conquers all the rock stars in the magazines she buys. Her life is programmed to the charts. No real person is ever good enough for her. She spends her life clutching those magazine photos. We were hoping that the song would make people recognize, but not necessarily condemn idol worship.”Nancy Wilson (698)