The Sound Of Sunshine

“”Sound of Sunshine” was one that I actually wrote in the hospital after my appendix ruptured. Every day I’d go to the window to see if the sun was shining, and if it was, I’d lean in the window. I thought to myself, “If I could bottle this feeling of how good the sun feels when you’re trying to heal your body, it would be amazing.” So I thought, “Why not try to put it into a song so that I could share that experience with other people?””Michael Franti (306)

I’m Alive

“I’ve had a number of experiences over the last couple of years where I’ve lost people that were close to me, and I’ve had my appendix rupture on tour. This is the song that was really just an expression of gratitude for being alive and wanting to live every minute to the fullest. I guess I wanted to get the sound of what it means to be alive rather than the ideas of what it means to be alive. That’s why right before the chorus it sounds like, “Whooaaa,” and then just turns into a melody after that.”Michael Franti (306)