Man Of The Hour

“This is a song about a dog. A few years back I turned 27 and my dog-ological clock started ticking. I just wanted a dog so bad. I was a little fed up with men at the time or something and I ended up writing this song which is about a dog but I didn’t have a dog yet. I have a dog now and I pretend it’s about him.”Norah Jones (321)

Rosie’s Lullaby

“We were on tour in Australia. There was a friend of mine on the tour, she was the production assistant, she was a kind of hippy, dreamy, bohemian, wonderful person. After dinner one night, we were eating near the beach, she just wandered out into the water and we all followed her. At first we wondered what she was doing wandering off into the water at night but we followed her and it was so nice. The next day I started this song. It starts with her going into the water, I changed her name though – I had a friend who had a daughter named Rosie so I stole that name. Some people think it’s dark and that she’s going to drown but she’s alive and well.”Norah Jones (321)

And Then There Was You

“I actually started [the song – Ed] before I had kids. I was thinking about my husband, but I finished it after I had my son.”Norah Jones (892)