“It was inevitable I would write about it [Catholicism – Ed] at some point. I spent a lot of time with adults as a child, but when I was on my own I rejected everything, including spirituality. Making this record made me believe again.”Alanis Morissette (359)

Fate Stay With Me

“About freedom – and a relationship. Obviously, it was creative writing [given she wrote it at the age of 10 – Ed].”Alanis Morissette (359)
Alanis Morissette Fate Stay With Me


“[Isn’t it about your relationship with your parents? – Ed] And society, the pressures. No one ever says those things, but they’re intimated everywhere: “Unless you are externally successful you are nothing”. I was able to put it into words, what I felt. It was cathartic.”Alanis Morissette (360)

The Couch

“My passion for words – sometimes too many words – comes from my father. We love the English language. But we can analyse things to the point of paralysis. He’s extremely analytical. It aggravates me how hard he is on himself. And how hard he can be on other people. There was an underlying desire for him to feel he was perfect intellectually and emotionally and he passed that on to me.”Alanis Morissette (433)

Heart Of The House

“[An ode to her mother – Ed]. I’ve started to really appreciate her. She’s so exuberant. She loves her body, her taste in clothing, which is very colourful – things don’t always match. She wears big bauble earrings. She swears a lot – in a way, I think, to get a rise out of me, to make me laugh. When I was younger, she’d burst into the room doing Hungarian dancing and clapping to wake me. She’s a gypsy at heart.”Alanis Morissette (433)