Somebody’s Listening 

“”Somebody’s Listening,” I used to be obsessed with the band Thrush Hermit from back home in Halifax [Nova Scotia – Ed]. When I was 14 years old I used to go check out their shows (whenever they played all ages shows.) It’s about this girl that I knew at that time who introduced me to Indie music, it’s about going to see shows with her and being uncomfortable, being a teenager and hearing real music for the first time.”Jon McKiel (228)

Violent Hawaii 

“When I was a kid we lived in the country with this huge field beside us. There was always deer in the other field. I used to look at them with binoculars and my dad made me put them away every time a car drove by because, if you were looking through binoculars at a field, somebody would usually stop their car and shoot the deer. My dad didn’t really want that to happen so that’s one aspect of that song.”Jon McKiel (228)


“I move around a lot, travel a lot, and sometimes my friends don’t know what happens when I leave, I’m just sort of here and there, some sort of mysterious figure. It’s basically about my friends, what they do, and how they don’t really understand what the hell it is that I do.”Jon McKiel (228)