Season Of Hollow Soul

“I was physically ill from writing it because it’s from such a dark place. I was going through the difficulty of love when I wrote it. And how you have to remember that you’re not always given what you think you need or want. But it was really about the process of losing lovers and how the experience of losing a lover is like a leaf that falls and then it turns into mulch and fertilizer for the next love.”K.D. Lang (238)

Tears Of Love’s Recall

“It’s the whole bittersweet thing of love. When you’re thinking about somebody that you’ve lost or you’ve let go and you cry about it, all the blood and all the guts and the passion that went into it, when you’re remembering it, the blood falls – but it’s sweet, you’re not bitter about it. It begins bitter but it ends up sweet because you’re sentimental about it. It’s the process of bitterness turning into sweetness.”K.D. Lang (239)

Diet Of Strange Places

“I woke up from a dream and I was in Japan. I guess I was feeling very much in shock of the culture. I was really young and just being around all these strange things and strange people and strange culture and feeling, as much as travelling fills you and feeds you, it makes you feel empty at the same time. It’s a weird paradox. That’s what it’s about, really, that you can travel and travel and travel looking for something but you’ll never find it unless you find it inside. Which is exactly the same as “Constant Craving”.”K.D. Lang (240)

Mind Of Love

“The whole song is about fighting with your consciousness or fighting with your reality. In the song I’m Kathryn. My name’s Kathryn. It’s really about fighting with your own consciousness.”K.D. Lang (240)

Save Me

“Lyrically, again, it’s “save me, save me from you but pave me the way to you.” It’s all about this trepidation that you feel in love.”K.D. Lang (241)

Nowhere To Stand

“‘Nowhere To Stand’ is an observation on how we don’t really allow children to have rights, that we constantly abuse them, whether it’s mentally, physically, or verbally. We piece by piece turn them into misanthropic people. I mean, I’ve been spanked and I never considered it abuse, but in some ways it is, taking advantage of our authority and age.”K.D. Lang (183)

Big Boned Gal

“It’s a celebration of bigness. That big girl on television. What’s her name? Rosanne Barr. It’s sort of like that attitude. And the woman in the song really can dance, which is sort of a paradox, ’cause we never consider big women graceful. But sometimes they’re unbelievably good dancers. It’s just a neat paradox.”K.D. Lang (183)