Wings Of Feather And Wax

“I only wrote the chorus of that song, but the chorus is a reference to a relationship I was in that I was trying to salvage and just didn’t realize that the relationship had problems that were beyond my control. The whole song is a reference to Icarus; getting too close to the sun and then burning someone to death. That was another tendency of mine: I’ve gone out of my way certain times in my life to the point of self-destructive co-dependency where I was trying to fix something or someone, or change something or someone, and I was hurting myself in the process. I took that to its absolute limit in a couple of personal relationships in my life around the time of the last year or two. A lot of the lyrics on the Dillinger record and in that song, “Feather Wax” references that. It’s an inability to fix people’s problems that aren’t yours.”Greg Puziato (248)