Saturday Night Special

“I’m talking about going into a pawn shop, throw down fake id, some old geezer says, “take all you want,” [the cheap handguns called “Saturday night specials”- Ed] they turn around and go out and sometimes they load it up and turn around and rob him. I really don’t like them. If you watch, where I come from it’s the six o’clock news, just look at the homicides every night.”Ronnie Van Zant (737)

Gimme Back My Bullets

“There’s two types of bullets. There’s a bullet from a gun and there’s a bullet on the trade magazines [Originates from Billboard Magazine’s practice of putting a bullet sign in front of chart entries that have moved from one position to another with notable speed – Ed].- that’s the way it was meant [not the bullet from a gun – Ed].”Ronnie Van Zant (737)

Gimme Three Steps

“I’ve had that happen to me several times [been cavorting with somebody’s wife – Ed]. I’m sure you have too. Well, I don’t know if you got a gun pulled on you, but, Jesus, I’m sure you’ve had someone say ‘Stay away from that woman. She’s mine.’ Well, this guy wanted to do me in, and there I was sayin’, ‘Gimme three steps towards the door’.”Ronnie Van Zant (751)

Tashauna (a Rossington-Collins Band Song)

“The word Tashauna is the name of a young woman I knew here in Jacksonville. She died in a car crash, and her boyfriend asked me to write a song about her. She had a beautiful name, and it just fit what I had already written. I mostly wrote it for Allen [Collins – Ed] because I admired how strong he’d been after Kathy died [Allen’s pregnant wife Kathy Collins hemorrhaged as she sat in a movie theater with her daughters – Ed]. Originally I’d just written the first two verses, but the boys said you got to give them more. Leon is always the one who says you got to give them hope.”Dale Krantz (752)

Railroad Song

“It’s about a HOBO on a train”Ronnie Van Zant (1274)