Breathe (2am)

“It’s about my friends and myself and the things we go through that there’s no turning back on, there’s no re-doing, unfortunately there’s no time machine that will take us back to a year ago or 10 minutes ago to undo the thing that we’re now ashamed of, or unhappy with, or just wish we could fix. So ‘Breathe’ is really a song about accepting your situation and making the best of it and realizing that sometimes those things that hurt so bad are going to make us stronger and so much smarter, that we not only will not do them again but that we might learn from them and maybe help other people too.”Anna Nalick (957)

Forever Love

“Along the lines of me looking for love in all the wrong places but looking for it nonetheless, I was in a car accident years ago, I’d flipped my car over (it wasn’t my fault) and I ended up upside down in my car, slid for a house length and a half and I remembered thinking of that scene in Jurassic park where the kids get stuck under the car. But I also was thinking about the fact that, at 17 or 18 years old or whatever I was at the time, I hadn’t been in love and I wasn’t ready to sign off before I had somebody tell me they were going to love me forever. And I knew forever had to be longer than 18 years. I made it out of course and I went home and wrote a song about it.”Anna Nalick (958)

More Than Melody

“It’s about a one-night stand. This song is basically that I’m looking for somebody who is person more than somebody I want to use to write a song about later because that’s how most of boyfriends end up unfortunately.”Anna Nalick (959)

Wreck Of The Day

“I was kind of a sad teenager and while that’s tough for parents and social life, it’s good for music and music, for me, is what makes me feel better because I can take something that hurts me and turn it into art work. Then I can see it as something beautiful instead of something that hurts. This song is kind of about that.”Anna Nalick (960)


“I grew up close to Los Angeles and knew a lot of people who came out there to ‘make it’ and things, unfortunately, don’t always go as planned. I wrote a song about some of the people I knew. It’s about how they can be the chemical, so to speak, that causes change or that allows the things around them to change them.”Anna Nalick (961)