Cigarettes And Truckstops

“”Cigarettes and Truckstops” is a song of nostalgia. It’s actually more of a love song than anything else.”Lindi Ortega (274)

Every Mile Of The Ride

“”Every Mile of the Ride” is also a nostalgic song about being on tour. It’s a song about my tour manager, actually, that I toured with who I loved. And there was a deep friendship that we had and it was a song about wanting to just tour forever together.”Lindi Ortega (274)

Lead Me On

“”Lead Me On” is the only one that’s really about being brokenhearted.”Lindi Ortega (274)

Tin Star

“It’s about living in Nashville and doing what I do and living amidst a city where people come to see stars. And kind of being in the underground of that. You don’t have to be a singer or a musician to get into what that song’s about. It’s really about just struggling and then holding onto your dream and trying to make it in the face of maybe not having the huge success that people might expect you to have. But doing it because you love it. That’s what the song’s about.”Lindi Ortega (274)