Tennessee Song

“It’s about the dream of moving out to the country again and having your own piece of land and growing your own food and fishing and all the other things I like.”Margo Price (952)
“That’s a song about enjoying the outdoors and and all the history of where America used to be and where we are now.”Margo Price (953)

About To Find Out

“I wrote that about an acquaintance who’s a bit of a sociopath. It’s funny how songs change meaning over time. It seemed to be fitting for the privilege and the separation of the classes that we’re dealing with today.”Margo Price (953)


“Is about a weekend I had to spend in the Davidson County Jail. I made some bad decisions. I was really struggling a lot with depression after losing my son and I’d been begging God to put me in a mental home. I wasn’t feeling safe from myself and I was drinking quite heavily. I went out one night and had too many drinks. I called a cab but the cab never came and I had a little accident. That was definitely the turning point where I realized I don’t want to be in an insane asylum and that’s what it felt like in there. I realized that I had a son at home who was the most important thing in my life and I knew I needed to get it together so I went and got therapy. It took a long time to get clear headed.”Margo Price (953)

Since You Put Me Down

“I used that song to write a scorned love letter to an old manager that did me wrong. People might think it’s about love but it’s not.”Margo Price (953)

Four Years Of Chances

“I wrote after a conversation with a girlfriend of mine who was going through a difficult relationship and she said, “I gave him four years of chances.” I was writing about her relationship and past relationships that I had had but I was writing a goodbye to my old band which was called ‘Buffalo Clover’. I was with them for four years and doing the best I could to keep it together and when I had to break up with them it felt very much like a relationship was breaking up.”Margo Price (953)