Diary Of A Madman (Lyrics by Bob Daisley)

“It wasn’t about Ozzy. When I came up with the title of the album, we still didn’t have a song called “Diary of a Madman.” I came up with the title, and I thought it would be a good title for an Ozzy Osbourne album because he’s got the reputation of being one of the madmen of rock & roll. But the actual song was really about me. It was more of a personal thing.”Bob Daisley (329)

Mr. Crowley (Lyrics by Bob Daisley)

“Ozzy had that title, “Mr. Crowley.” And obviously what he meant was it was supposed to be about Aleister Crowley, the black magician. But I wanted to look at the darkness and question Aleister Crowley. “Aleister, what were you thinking?” You know. All this darkness and negativity. So that was a snag that I put on it. In the “was it polemically sent?” line, “polemic” means controversial, and Aleister Crowley was very controversial in his day. He used to sign books or his autograph “Polemically Yours, Aleister Crowley.” So that’s why that word’s at the end of the song.”Bob Daisley (329)

Suicide Solution (Lyrics by Bob Daisley)

“[In the mid-Eighties, Ozzy found himself sued in California by parents who blamed the death of their son on the influence of the song, ‘Suicide Solution’. The case was taken seriously by the courts – Ed]. ‘Suicide Solution’ was an anti-suicide song. The ‘solution’ was drink. It was about alcoholism. It was a warning about that. Now, at one point on the track, I’m making this ‘Sssshht. Shhht’ noise, bouncing it across the stereo, and these fucking audio experts in court are slowing it down making it sound like I’m saying ‘Shoot!’ And I’m going, ‘Fuck me, I never thought of it like that…’ But it’s a lawyers’ world out there.”Ozzy Osbourne (1142)