So What

“The night before I had wrote this song I called Carey [husband Carey Hart – Ed] drunk and said “Are you sure you don’t want to work this out?” Click. I went to the studio and there was a guitar lick that gave me the first line “I think I just lost my husband, I don’t where he went.” The entire song was kind of a joke – I like to joke about things, I find that humor makes the pain go down easier.”Pink (356)

True Love

“I think love is a rollercoaster and I don’t think anyone pushes your buttons like your mom or your lover. It’s like a remote control, they own your remote control, they push your buttons to see the channels change but, man, do we love them.”Pink (356)


“I have had some vices in my life. When I was younger it was drugs and things and I was given the opportunity to sing so I had to make a decision that the DJ, it’s a long story but the DJ woke up and said “I’ll give you a guest spot on Friday nights if you never touch drugs again.” It was Thanksgiving of ’95 and I woke up the next morning and never did another drug. I was 15 then, I got a record deal and did the whole damn thing. The when I was 21 I was like, “I like alcohol, I never knew about this.” ‘Cos when you’re on drugs, why do you need alcohol? Then I was getting a divorce and I was drinking a lot. So everyone was at my house, all these new friends all of sudden, and I looked around and there’s that moment when you’re drinking where you just hate everyone that’s at your house and I realized that I needed to find the freedom alcohol gave me without the vice itself. So I went to the studio the next day, wanted to get drunk and write a song about sobriety…”Sober”.”Pink (356)

Who Knew

“I wrote this song about a friend who was one of my first friends to die from a heroin overdose. He was a pretty special man, he was captain of the football team so when I wrote this song it was like, well if someone told me three years from now that you’d be long gone I’d stand up and punch them out. Each year it takes on different meanings.”Pink (356)

Family Portrait

“This was one of the most important songs I wrote both for myself and for my family. That was a poem I wrote when I was nine years old, a poem I wrote the day my dad left. I put a lot of my family’s skeletons out of the cupboard and I realized afterwards that I signed up for this, they didn’t, and maybe that wasn’t always fair.”Pink (356)


“I originally wrote it about Janis Joplin, but when I read the lyrics back I realised it really was my life so I sang it from my point of view.”Pink (776)