East Side Story

“It’s social protest about poverty and what poverty can do. I’m using death in the song because death is the ultimate. If someone dies, then people ask why. In the song, the guy died from poverty.”Bob Seger (998)

Glenn Song

“The idea was just to honor his memory [Glenn Frey – Ed] and talk, very specifically, about my impression of him in 1966 when we first met. I wanted a ballad with a heavy beat because that’s the way I remember Glenn.”Bob Seger (999)

Heavy Music

“A lot of people really misconstrued it. That was a song about the music, but a lot of people thought it was a song about music and sex, the two together. There was nothing sexual in it, it was simply read in by a lot of program directors. The part about goin’ deeper. We just jammed it down in this bar in Columbus, we got into this jam about ‘deeper’ and I really dug the jam – we happened to be taping that night – and then I went home and wrote the song around it.”Bob Seger (1000)


“I didn’t have anything to do with that album. ‘Noah’, the song, and one or two others, I wrote, a lot of it during that long break between albums. ‘Noah’ is about that, ‘Lay back, you’ve had your fun. Let them do it for a while.’ That’s what the album’s about, too. How they blew it.”Bob Seger (1000)

Evil Edna

“That’s a song, not so much about groupies as the sexual ethic of the very young. Which is very very quickly changing. Drastically changing.”Bob Seger (1000)

Suicide Streets

“It was about crime in the streets, sort of a Springsteenish thing but with real ominous lyrics. And I was gonna name the album after it [Night Moves – Ed], the album would have a concept about night life in general. When nobody liked that song, it sort of blew the whole thing away, and I was back to square one. I thought ‘Night Moves’ made a better title anyway, though I still wanted ‘Suicide Streets’ on the LP. Then I got to thinking that maybe ‘Suicide Streets’ was a little too down. Frankly, I was afraid people might have thought I was writing about Detroit, which I wasn’t. There’s enough bad stuff said about Detroit anyhow in all the media. So I tried to build the album around ‘Night Moves’, the song.”Bob Seger (1001)

Night Moves

“I was shy, super shy. And I happened to fall into a faster crowd than I’d ever been in before. Because I played music, I was sort of a gimmick for those guys. And I got to meet the really ‘hot’ chicks and I had my first great love affair, which is really what ‘Night Moves’ is about, it’s about that girl. You know, the girl with big…breasts, that we all went kazappo for when we reached puberty. It was really a mad crazy affair. She ended up marrying somebody else, of course, and I think it was partly because I didn’t have any confidence, I never did.”Bob Seger (1001)
“‘Night Moves’ was about youthful passion and the danger of letting that slip away. My songs are autobiographically rooted ’cause I’m not writing hypothetically.”Bob Seger (1002)

Rock And Roll Never Forgets

“As for ‘Rock and Roll Never Forgets’, I got the idea from a reunion that I didn’t go to but a close friend of mine did. And he said I wouldn’t have believed those people. They all weighed 500 pounds and they were all straight as hell. The same guys I used to hang out with! And I started thinking, whenever we go to a concert we see mostly young people. When we headline we get a little better cross section, but lately we been playing a lot of dates with Kiss and Aerosmith, things like that. I wanted to bring back people my own age, write a song for them. In Detroit we get a crowd mixed between young and old, and I wanted to see that everywhere.”Bob Seger (1001)

Feel Like A Number

“There’s a song on the new album, ‘Feel Like A Number’, which is about alienation.”Bob Seger (1002)