Common Thread

“That was just thinking about the working guys, the people that hold the place together, the ones that build the roads. Now we’re going through this whole thing with the banking crisis, well we had a thing in England when we had this prime minister, Margaret Thatcher. And her famous saying was, “There’s no such thing as society.” And to me, the common thread was saying, No, actually, the truth, the reality, is the opposite of that. There is a fabric of society, and we forget that at our peril.”Keith Reid (244)

The Heartbreak House

“That song I wrote in Sweden, but it felt American to me. The military guy, to me it was an American. I think the characters, although I actually wrote it somewhere else, it felt like an American situation. The idea for that was, “even the floorboards ache in the Heartbreak House.” I got that idea, and it seemed to me very powerful, you know, even the floorboards ache. That was an example of knowing how this song ended up, but how did it start? And looking for a way to begin it.”Keith Reid (244)

You’re The Voice (Recorded by John Farnham)

“It’s an anti-war song in a way, but it was more of a “make your voice heard” kind of thing. Wake up to your own power.”Keith Reid (244)