On The Loose

“”On the Loose” is blowing off steam. Everybody’s got to just let it out every once in a while, you can’t keep things inside. You know: tonight I’m on the loose, we’re on the loose, you’re on the loose. It’s as simple as that. At the time, and it’s just gotten more so, stress, stress, stress for everybody, every single human on this planet. Every once in a while we’ve got to let go and just blow it out and deal with the consequences later. You’ve got to open that valve every once in a while.”Michael Sadler (387)

Wind Him Up

“It basically deals with gambling. A fictitious gentleman by the name of Aldo, he’s got his gambling problem. Again, excess. I don’t know if there’s a lesson to be learned or a moral to that, but it’s about gambling and the addiction factor.”Michael Sadler (387)

Time’s Up

“That’s kind of the reverse of “On the Loose.” It’s about being a daydreamer and a man of inaction sitting there going, “Well, if I could do this and I could do that.” And before you know it, time has passed by and you didn’t do any of those things you were thinking. You didn’t act on any one of them. You may have some passion about a few different things, but if you just sit there going, “Boy, wouldn’t it be great if I did this?” And “Wouldn’t it be great if I did that?” Well, you’d better get off your tush and start doing something, brother, because it’s going to be too late to do something about it before you know it.”Michael Sadler (387)

Let It Slide

“”Let It Slide” basically, it’s about telling little white lies. Are you going to come clean or are you going to just let it slide this time? Which you can do at a certain point, but after a while you’re going to have to ‘fess up to something. But it’s those little white lies that aren’t going to hurt anybody: Do you think this one’s big enough to reveal the truth about what you just did, or is it one of those where you can just let it slide for now? But knowing in the back of your mind that all these times when you let things slide, they’re going to catch up with you eventually. It’s dealing with sweeping things under the carpet for now. But every problem has a solution or a consequence that’s going to come back to you eventually. Are you going to let this one go for now and deal with it later? It will come back and get you. But we all do it. It’s a matter of prioritizing and there’s certain things where you just kind of go, “Well, I’ll let that one slide for now and perhaps deal with it later if it’s still an issue later”.”Michael Sadler (387)