Strong Arm Of The Law

“We were stopped by the police on numerous occasions when we had this huge American car, and that’s basically what it’s about. It’s a story about the police stopping us on London Bridge in London and it stuck in my head. So I wrote some lyrics about it when I got the opportunity.”Biff Byford (395)

Judgement Day

“[It’s about the Jehovah’s Witnesses and was inspired by a visit of theirs to his home- Ed]. The bairn was barking and the dog was crying. I had a row with these blokes, slammed the door on them and later on they threw bricks through my window wrapped in copies of ‘The Watch Tower’.”Biff Byford (825)

Stallions Of The Highway

“What inspired that song originally was a story that did the rounds around our way a while back about a biker stopping to give this girl a lift, taking her to her house and then turning around to find no-one riding pillion, she’d disappeared as if she was a ghost. So we took the basic idea and turned it around to make the song into the tale of a guy who’d died in an accident and who now rides the road as a ghost. The line ‘I’ve been here 15 years’ originally went ‘I’ve been dead 15 years, I’m on a day trip from hell’.”Biff Byford (826)

Princess Of The Night

“Like ‘Princess Of The Night’ is a classic example. Kids come up and say it’s about a car, it’s about a woman, it’s about a ghost. In fact, it’s about a steam train. Steve ‘n Graham are fookin’ steam fanatics.”Biff Byford (827)

Devil Rides Out

“It’s about being with a bird and she’s a right bitch, basically. And rather than saying that, we say she’s a devil, see, the devil rides out. But it’s not a demonic song.”Biff Byford (828)

Dallas 1pm

“Well, like I said earlier, there’s ‘Dallas 1pm’ which is about the Kennedy assassination.”Biff Byford (828)

Broken Heroes

“And on the new album there’s a song called ‘Broken Heroes’, which is definitely an anti-war song. There are a few lines in it which are real touching, ‘Seven lonely graves on Goose Green’ and all that. [So what did you think about the Falklands? – Ed] I probably felt like everybody else in England, I thought some things were great and some things were crap. You can’t help but feel patriotic, but then you can’t help feeling it was a waste. When they” (the military) “first went, I think most people thought ‘Go for it, kick their fucking heads in’. But when young English kids got killed, it started to come home.”Biff Byford (828)