Jesus Was A Rock Star

“I think on one level, it completely coined the struggle that I was having with what I did as a human being with how I was taught how rock & roll stars were supposed to be. And they didn’t mesh: You couldn’t be a rock star and a Christian. Those two didn’t come together. Then I woke up from that and went through the journey that I did and finally came to grips with the fact that, ‘Well hey, I am a rock star and I am a Christian.’ The two worlds can blend together. These two worlds do have symmetry. They don’t have to mean good and evil. They can mean unity. I can be someone that loves the Lord and loves Jesus, and be in a rock & roll band and play music that gets played on rock & roll stations. I can do that. So on one level, that’s where the song was coming from. On another level, I feel like for me being a rock & roll star, I just have an over-magnified version of what anyone in any kind of position of power has to struggle with on whatever level when people look up to you. “Scott Stapp (89)