“Lyrically, it was about that period of time where my process was changing from writing like a stoner [addict – Ed] to writing like a dad. The slant I was trying to go for lyrically was about taking your head out of the smog that it had been in for a certain period of time and recognizing what could potentially be there.”Devin Townsend (124)

By Your Command

“”By Your Command” is Ziltoid stuff. The “by your command” title is a reference to¬†Battlestar Galactica, which I was into as a kid. The Ziltoid character is the alien thing, so there’s that sort of outer space thing that seemed to make sense. But really it was a reference back to drugs, and that whole record was a reference to drugs in some sense – that you are unconsciously motivated to go in directions that are either contrary to your nature or maybe not the most accurate representation of where your conscious mind is. Sort of being on autopilot or being a channel to things that ultimately are going to cause you difficulty.”Devin Townsend (124)