King Of Bohemia

“It’s named after a pub, near my house, which is the setting for the song. I realize it’s a little obscure. And I had people trying to read strange things into the song. One thought it was about Dylan. They thought Dylan was the King of Bohemia.”Richard Thompson (378)

Calvary Cross

“‘Calvary Cross’ is about a muse, or about anything. It’s about a drive that you might not want, but it’s there, and you’re a slave to it.”Richard Thompson (867)


“This song is born out of a deep psychological insight into terrorism. It’s about a terrorist and she’s a woman called Pavanne.”Richard Thompson (868)

Don’t Let A Thief Steal Into Your Heart

“We live in a very anesthetic society in which people are not only manipulated but, for the most part, are unaware it’s happening. At the highest level, things like political parties are farcical and totally powerless. If you don’t believe in anything beyond the solidarity of this world, then the world is a terrible place, and I don’t see it will ever change. There’s no victory in this world in the end; all you can do is get out of it. And the way to get out of it, as far as I can see, is to look inside yourself.”Richard Thompson (869)

Easy There, Steady Now

“It is a little psychotic as a song. It’s the character telling himself to hold on, watch out. He’s very close to the edge. He’s not as desperate as some of the characters I’ve put in my songs. There was one which could have been about a serial murderer…”Richard Thompson (870)

The Money Shuffle

“This song is dedicated to our good friends on Wall Street.”Richard Thompson (1311)

Demons In Her Dancing Shoes

“Back in the sixties, the East End of London was run by the Kray twins – evil, vicious criminals but upwardly mobile evil, vicious criminals. They liked to hang out with Princess Margaret, Mick Jagger and stuff. They liked to be seen in society circles. There used to be a dance club, a traditional dance club, a folk dance club in the East End which I always thought was contradictory. This songs about the dance club.”Richard Thompson (1311)