Andy’s Chest

“Well, if you don’t know that it’s about Andy Warhol being shot, you wouldn’t understand it at all. No, I don’t understand some of the lines, either. I just wrote ’em – y’know? So that people would get high and laugh when they heard it.”Lou Reed (1087)

The Gift

“It’s a perfect short story. It captures that thing [sexual jealousy – Ed] perfectly, and it’s hysterical to boot.”Lou Reed (1090)


“We wanted to write an honest drug song. There was only one drug song we had ever heard and that was ‘Cocaine Blues’. The lines were, “Cocaine’s for horses but not for men/they say it’ll kill you but they don’t say when.” Big joke, ha ha ha, right? What bullshit. Lou wrote the lyric to ‘Heroin.’ He was home captured by his parents and that’s what he was doing. Then John and I totally changed the song.”Sterling Morrison (1099)

All Tomorrow’s Parties

“We used to practice at the Factory and hang out there every day for a couple of years, from ’66 to ’68. We would arrive some time in the afternoon and every day would begin with the same question: ‘What parties shall we go to tonight? A thousand, thousand parties…reflected on from a distance, they were almost unimaginable. Real high rolling affairs, with a lot of energetic depravity going on. We even went to one with Nelson Rockefeller. I thought if Delmore could see me now!”Sterling Morrison (1100)