Death Of Samantha

“While I was writing I sort of saw this graveyard. It’s not a graveyard, because when you think of a graveyard, you think of many, many gravestones. It’s just a kind of gray day, gray scene, and gray people standing around like somebody has died. And after John’s death people said: “You were writing about his vigil, did you know that?” And I read the lyrics that they sent me from “Death Of Samantha” and I just reread it and realized, oh, that’s true.”Yoko Ono (478)

Silver Horse

“”Silver Horse” is like a fairytale. It’s like a story you tell your child.”Yoko Ono (479)

It Happened

“This was written in 1973 and at the time it had to do with moving away from each other. But then, when John died, I thought, “Oh that’s what it was about.” I look at that period of separation like a rehearsal.”Yoko Ono (480)

Sisters O Sisters

“This was written for a rally in Michigan for John Sinclair in 1971.”Yoko Ono (481)